Snack in the Montessori classroom is a lot more than just eating!

Each day, the children will have time for a snack. The snack table seats three children and is open all morning. As you know best what your child likes to eat, we ask that you send in a snack for your child each day. The snack should be a sensible size, as the children are busy throughout the day and do not have time for a lengthy snack. This is a great opportunity to have your child help you with food preparation and making choices! I give students reminders during the morning to make sure they find time to eat snack. In the afternoon, we have one snack time so as not to interrupt core learning and specialists times.


Kindergarten children should bring in 2 snacks, along with lunch (unless they will purchase lunch) as they will also have an afternoon snack.


The freedom to choose and building independence are key components of the Montessori philosophy and so, just as they choose what materials they will use, the children choose when they would like to eat. Decision making and planning (i.e., whether to finish a work and have to wait for snack if another child takes an empty seat or finish the work later and take the empty seat) occur. Children build problem solving skills when faced with tasks such as opening tricky snack containers (I love when they go to the art area to use the scissors there to cut open a bag of food). They show responsibility by sweeping crumbs off the table and from the floor and pushing their chairs in when they finish eating. They build social skills. The children eat with a variety of classmates and spend time getting to know peers with whom they may not always interact during the morning. I encourage the children to ask for help from their peers before coming to get me. I have often observed social connections at the snack table that eventually grow into strong friendships. Above all, I hope to see children's self sufficiency grow and happy social connections made at the snack table.

Having snack is a wonderful learning experience in Room 3!! 

****PLEASE remember--nothing with any type of nut, including foods made in a facility that uses nuts, may come into the classroom, as we do have allergies in the class. Kindergarten children may bring foods with nuts for lunch, as students with allergies have a safe place to sit in the cafeteria.

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